Life After Life: Linking Ancestry with Legacy

Ongoing Project: 2018–


Siegfried’s love affair with northern Ontario began with Chape-Inn. Built by her great-grandparents in 1903, her ancestral summer home has been handed down through four generations. All her life, Siegfried has been captivated by the rustic log cabins, the woods and the lake, and the way that the outside was always inside. Chape-Inn became her muse and her obsession. There is a strong sense of heritage and resilience but now—without any heirs to inherit—its future remains uncertain.

Through photographs, archival material and photo encaustic, Life After Life: The Uncertainty of Continuance explores the connection between legacy and ancestry. The objects and structures create a bridge between the past and the present. It is about all the generations who have imprinted their spirit in this place and the hope that it will endure.

Project Images

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18 colour pigment prints:

  • 6 –30” x 30” pigment prints
  • 10 – 30” x 45” pigment prints
  • 2 – 20” x 20” pigment prints


3 – 20”x 24” pigment prints from rescanned print on mylar 3 pigment prints with mylar overlays: 22” x 28”; 19.5” x 28”; 20.5” x 30.5”

Inventory of Past and Present

29 – 8” x 8” photo encausticbords


Installation Images

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Pascal Hall, Rockport, ME, 2019

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