New Opportunities

Nov 25, 2019

What happens when you spend three years working for a Master of Fine Arts degree in the company of amazing and creative people—and then you graduate? 

In my experience, you feel as though you’re tossed out in world where very few people understand what you are doing or why you feel compelled to spend your time making art and writing. I loved every minute of being an MFA candidate. It gave me accountability, a mission, brilliant mentors and most importantly a group of like-minded people who by default understood me and my work. The program gave me six six-month chunks of time to immerse myself in what I love to do—take pictures and research and write. I was deeply bonded to a community and at any time if I had a concern, I knew where I could go to find answers and support. Without a doubt these relationships still exist although not in the same way as when I was in the program.

Now I am back out in the world—more artistically sensitive, maybe more intelligent, more insightful and more motivated, but feeling a bit adrift. I suspect that most graduates feel this way after an intense and life changing experience. That said, I am moving full steam ahead and looking at new submission opportunities, exhibition and publishing possibilities. I have dramatically changed over the past three years and I find the challenge truly exciting and full of potential!