May 29, 2021

They let your wavy white hair grow long

arranged it every morning

placed in an elastic band

on top of your head

they said how pretty

you looked like a doll.

Yet I saw the darkness you endured

your century tired eyes unfocused

in the center distorted, partial view

impossible to discern those you loved

even when for one moment

your mind had clear vision.

I heard the silence that engulfed you

our voices fading in and out of reach

until to unscramble

was out of the question.

I sensed your inner shadows shift

from departed friends to monsters    

a pale pink poodle that sat tucked in your lap

was all that could calm you.

But in this instant the demons

have gone away if only

for a short time

ecstasy, bliss as you sleep.

I wish you had been this way when you left us.

©Elizabeth Siegfried 2021