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Blurb Book - Off Season

Off Season

Off Season explores usually active locations during times of dormancy.

In these technology driven, overcrowded, chaotic times, the images offer us quiet spaces to breathe, observe and contemplate—to bring us back to ourselves.

Each image suggests that ambiguous state of mind in which one is not certain whether something has ended or something is about to begin. In that captured moment there is no certainty, only the timeless hovering of possibility that reflects on the past while at the same time suggesting the future.

Print on demand photo book - Extinct


EXTINCT is a collaboration between photographer Elizabeth Siegfried and poet Aleah Sato. A sequence of thirteen images (using animal rights activists as models) and poems, EXTINCT reflects upon the slow vanishing of the natural world and our place in it. Each pairing of image and poem compels the viewer to question what it means to inhabit our planet and invites a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of nature.

Blurb Book - An Hour of the Wolf


An Hour of the Wolf: Nightmare Quadrangle is a collection of photographic narrative sequences: Unease, Clipped, Sink and Vigil. Each consists of juxtaposed images that create a travelogue of the psyche.