Elizabeth Siegfried

Fine Art Photographer

Family 1

Family with Branches from the series Life After Life: Linking Ancestry with Legacy, 2018
Archival pigment print with stereoscopic print on mylar overlay, 22” x 28”

Artist Statement

“My photographs are permeated with the inevitable unfolding of time. Layered images point to what endures. With haunting references to place and spiritual and generational legacy, the work invites the viewer to look deeply, to contemplate and find resonance with images that seem to exist simultaneously in the past and present. Always there is evidence of beauty with a tinge of sadness and qualities of impermanence and imperfection.”

—E. S.

Feature Projects

Life After Life:
Linking Ancestry with Legacy

Examines Siegfried’s profound attachment to her ancestral summer home and her devotion to the objects and structures that create a bridge between the past and the present.

Nearly Perfect

What is considered beautiful is often imperfect or impermanent. Discarded and neglected objects suggest the transience of all things and the inevitable passage of time, but all embody a distinctive beauty.


An exhibition of photographic works drawn from forgotten 16mm film footage captured by Siegfried’s grandmother in the back lots of the Ringling Brothers Circus between 1927 and 1945.


A photographic installation, at once personal and universal, that tells the story of a diminishing family tree and contemplates the ending of one branch of that family’s lineage.


A collection of portraits of Siegfried’s mother taken during her ninety-eighth and ninety-ninth years, culminating in her 100th birthday.

Self Portraits

Through her self portraits, Siegfried comments not only on the unavoidable and constant changes that occur to our bodies and psyches, but also on similar changes in the world around us.

Off Season

Off Season explores usually active locations during times of dormancy: quiet spaces where the viewer is uncertain whether something has ended or something is about to begin.

Earlier Work

A collection of individual stand-alone images as well as choice images from prior bodies of work.

“Sally Mann from Hold Still writes: ‘Southern artists, and especially writers, have long been known for their susceptibility to myth and their obsession with place, family, death, and the past.’ Although I am not technically Southern, I somehow have inherited this obsession with all of those concerns.”

—E. S.


Photo Book: LifeLines

LifeLines is comprised of twenty-three self-portraits and images of transformation in Nature. Originally produced as platinum prints, the visual counterpoint between these photographs creates a narrative, subtle in its poetic lyricism and spiritual insight.

Blurb Book - Off Season

Additional Books

Three print-on-demand photo books: Off Season, EXTINCT, and AN HOUR OF THE WOLF: NIGHTMARE QUADRANGLE.