an hour of the wolf

Old people call it “the hour of the wolf.”
It’s the hour when most people die,
when most children are born.
Now is when nightmares come to us.
And if we’re awake....we’re afraid...
we’re afraid...

from Hour of the Wolf (1968) Ingmar Bergman

An Hour of the Wolf: Nightmare Quadrangle is a collection of narrative sequences: Unease, Clipped, Sink and Vigil. Each consists of juxtaposed images that create a travelogue of the psyche.

As self-portraits combine with landscapes and still-lifes, the nightmares in An Hour of the Wolf become both personal and universal in nature. Each depicts our apprehensions, a disquieting human situation, a period of unease. Each examines the thoughts and fears that may haunt us during an “hour of the wolf.”

Unease explores loss of identity and self, entrapment and confusion and the line between what is real and what is imagined.

Clipped addresses the desire to escape and the realization that it is impossible.

Sink embodies the fears of hopelessness, of feeling overwhelmed and alone in quiet despair.

Vigil tells of waiting for something that never comes.

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