gallery openings and professional project by toronto's fine art photographer


The models in EXTINCT are animal rights activists. For this project I photographed these dedicated people in the nude and in the environment to cultivate a visceral connection between our species and the animals that inhabit the planet. Towards that end the final images explored human beings as animals; that we share this planet with other animals and that we too are ultimately vulnerable to our own destructive behavior, both physical and psychological.

EXTINCT uses evolution as allegory. Beginning with immersion in water and progressing through emergence onto land, humankind is seen first basking in, and ultimately hiding from the elements. EXTINCT portrays humanity in a non-elevated state, stripped of protection, without power, all vulnerable. As both the hunter and the hunted, Man has brought itself and its habitat to the brink of annihilation.

EXTINCT invites the viewer to reflect on Earth’s endangered system and whether it has been irrevocably damaged by our negligence, greed and complacency. Have we become the designers of Earth’s – and our own – extinction.

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